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Hip-hop is over saturated with so much “garbage” these days its hard to find music that makes you want to press play more than once. “Who Would I Be” by Steis (pronounced STEEZ) makes a strong case to press that play button at least one more time. It’s self-explanatory. “Who would I be today if I didn’t grind?” is the powerful words sung by the special voice of Erin Daneele. Steis talks about the making of the song.

“Scotty B made the beat…when I first heard it I knew that it was gonna be an amazing song…the beat alone is crazy…I was with my sister one day and she started freestyling melodies…I plugged in the lyrics and we came up with the hook…I did my verses and my sister laid her vocals down…yeah I definitely knew we had something,” Steis recalls.

Steis wrote the record in 2007 but didn’t actually put it out until 2012. “I was holding onto it…waiting until I put the entire Reverse the Curse 2 project out…I let some artists hear it when they came by the studio…they were blown away by the song,” says Steis.

Steis opened up for Styles P & Termanology at the Middle East in January 2011. Termanology is a very successful artist from New England. He was impressed by Steis’s performance & they talked about doing a collaboration.

”Term is a dope artist, I got a lot of respect for him…us working together was big especially because it happened unforced & natural…wasn’t no manager setting it up…just 2 mc’s who respect each other & wanted to make some good music…He invited me to his studio in Haverhill, Massachusetts to record the song…I played him the record & it was a rap…he heard my sister singing on the hook & he loved it…his verse was finished in like 20 minutes, he recorded it & the rest is history.”

Checkout the official music video for “Who Would I Be” on YouTube


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